Sleep Tracking: Apple Watch vs Dreem

For a bit over three years I’ve been tracking my sleep mostly with a an Apple Watch and great little app called AutoSleep. I’ve been suspecting for quite a while that the tracking was not really sufficient. My legs and muscles twitch a lot, and I wake up a lot. Because the Apple Watch sleep tracking is mostly an accelerometer movement is likely to get misinterpreted.

About two weeks ago I decided to buy a consumer grade brain-wave sleep tracker: Dreem. It is fairly pricey, $500 (you can get 10% off with my code: SOOSEKOIS).

Two weeks of data

I’ve been tracking with both for the past 10 days. Here is a comparison of what each is telling me.

Asleep Hrs
Apple Watch
Asleep Hrs
Awake Min
Apple Watch
Awake Min
Aug 46.74.553105
Aug 55.75.82145
Aug 67.54.81345
Aug 76.65.95660
Aug 86.44.5149225
Aug 97.65.726135
Aug 104.35.09135
Aug 117.75.232180
Aug 122.33.6295270
Aug 130 (*)3.60 (*)75
Aug 148.76.512150
Aug 158.06.010135
Aug 167.56.12775

(*) In too much pain to fall asleep. Eventually fell asleep at 2AM and woke up at 5:30, but pulled off the Dreem headband apparently.

Not surprising given the sensors involved, but Dreem is pretty hands down more accurate. I am certainly not at all normal though since my muscles involuntarily twitch due to the spinal cord damage. But having more accurate tracking certainly feels better since I try and use this data to adjust how I am doing my rehab.


Possibly the more interesting aspect is that Dreem walks you through a cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia routine for trying to correct sleep problems. I’ve only just started. I am exhausted from it, but I do feel like I have had fewer problems falling asleep and waking up at the right times. So I guess it may be working at resetting my sleep rhythms.

The App

The only real disappointing part is that the app is not particularly good for long term tracking.

AutoSleep long term view. I have minor complaints, but they have put some good thought into it.
Dreem – just a scrolling list of nights. You can click in and compare individual stats to 7 and 30 day averages. Averages are dumb though.

Dreem just doesn’t use the space on the screen well for visualizing the data. There are a few places where you can graph individual results, but it isn’t great for analyzing. They both let me export the data at least.

Anyways, the data from Dreem is too good to not keep going with it, and I currently am fairly hopeful that the CBT-I over the next 6 weeks will pay off. It lines up with some of the things that sleep doctors have had me try also.

One thought on “Sleep Tracking: Apple Watch vs Dreem

  1. If the CBT-I program continues to improve your sleep cycle…. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep at it, Sweetie! The Dreem feedback seems informative… you data wrangler, you!

    Love = Mom

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