Introducing Related Posts

Pretty big deal to finally get related posts across launched. This is running 1 million Elasticsearch queries an hour against 500 million documents. More details to come… News

Do you ever wonder what happens when your readers reach the end of your posts? What do they click on? Where do they go next? What if you’ve piqued a reader’s interest and left them wanting more, but don’t give them the option to do so?

Today, we’re so happy to announce Related Posts on — one of the most requested features from users. Now, we’ll search your site for similar posts you’ve written and display a “Related” section at the end of every post, like this:

Related Posts section
Related Posts section

If you post a lot of images, you can jazz this section up with post thumbnails as well. To activate image thumbnails, head to Settings → Reading and scroll down to the “Related Posts” section.

Thumbnails option enabled.
Thumbnails option enabled

It’s mobile ready of course:

Related Posts, mobile view
Related Posts, mobile view

We’re excited about this feature — it allows your readers to dive…

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